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Cenaclul literar «Noduri şi Semne» - «Orice poate fi demonstrat, chiar si adevarul.» - [Grigore Moisil]
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[ ESEU ] Cristina Iulia Filip

Human Nature
When you start reading this, I want you,
reader, to escape your world and be
acquainted with mine. My world might not
make you happy as you know nothing of
Happiness. Still, do try to SEE ...

When did it all start? When was my world
created? Your world and mine were both
created at the same crucial moment, they
both started the same and God wanted to keep
them twins till the end, but it was not
meant to be so. God created earth and sky,
water and mountains, he created blue and
green, he created Nature. Looking around
him, even God was moved by the Heaven of
Heavens and for a second forgot who he was
and became a Man. The simple, but supreme,
second passed like a lightning and He became
God again , as playing God was his duty.
Nevertheless, in this second of happiness,
the thought of creating a "thing", with a
sparkle of life always threatened by time
and space, came to his mind. He counted the
seconds in a century, he measured the
universe from top to bottom and he decided:
Time: Century. Space: Terra. Verdict: MAN.
So, in six days God created two worlds:
yours and mine. No sooner had he rested in
the seventh day than the two twin worlds
transformed their blood bound into water and
chose to deny each other. That was then.
This is now. Now is when God still wonders
how his two miraculous hands and thoughts of
absolute purity could create such an impure
twinhood . What went wrong? Not even He can
reveal the mistery. Why did you, poor
mortal, kill your world? Who gave you the
right to feel hatred and jealousy, to become
deceitful and untrustworthy? I do have my
own world, still, but you have lost yours.
Nature, we both had it once, both in our
eyes and souls. In a short while it faded in
yours. Why? You caused her pain and grief by
forgetting who you really were - you forgot
all that she has once taught you : beauty
and love, kindness and trust and, mostly,
you forgot to be good and happy. Instead,
you killed all that was qualitative in your
poor being and chose another path for
considering it to be the path to happiness.
Oh, by God, you were so wrong ! I will tell
you what my world is like, for awakening you
from your boundless narcissism and let you
see what you've lost. But, I beg of you in
courtesy to let me see your eyes after I
have finished, I want to see:the regret. In
my world, Nature is still the Mother and God
is still the Father, there are other happy
people ... and me. We are you; the only
difference is our choice to value the unique
thing that even though it cannot be seen at
an ambitious autopsy, it is the real essence
of any life, of any man ... THE SOUL. Our
souls help us see with our eyes and mind
what is around us, we see the Sun go up and
down and the Moon shine on lover's eyelids,
we see nature as it really is:

a strange mix of green grass and blue sky,
of black earth and white feet, of dark and
light. When the big ball of fire heats my
cheeks and I step to the world's window ...
I am happy ... and I truly love all the
creatures, colours and miracles of God ... I
love life. And, so, I live God's second of
happiness every second of my mortal life,
infinite number of lifeful seconds. If you
could only live one second, one happiness,
you could die happily. God gave to the two
worlds, us, more than he had ever had. Why
didn't you accept his gift? Why did you
choose to be unhappy? Nature, what a small
word for such a treasure. Give yourself the
chance of escaping ... escape to a
primordial space, a little corner forgotten
by time and sold land.If you made this step
indeed, don't abandon your mind in the storm
of unpaid bills. Let your eyes see what your
mind languishes to see! Look at your wife's
blue eyes, at your daughter's blonde curls
and your son's determination in making you
proud of his little being.

This could be THE Second...go on!...
SEE...the green dances of master-earth's
Sheherezades... the trees, with infinite
time and definite space, that protect you
from the seducing salute of the sun... the
sky that reflects God's wisdom and
imagination... the earth that still allows
you to live.

Mortal one! You're far from being the master
of the universe, but you can still be The
Master Of Your Own Happiness, Your Own Second!

Search the second...Always THE SECOND...
Nora Grieg
February 2005
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